Local News Headlines

BC Chamber-TPP

          Head of the B-C Chamber of Commerce says the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal will be good for the country.
          Jon Garson says the agreement will give Canadians more business opportunities aboard. 
          Partnership agreement aims to reduce or eliminate trade barriers on a variety of Canadian exports to several countries.
          Parliament still has to approve the deal.

TPP-Shellfish Growers

          Executive director of the B-C Shellfish Grower's Association says the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal will help the industry grow.
          Roberta Stevenson says the agreement will open new markets for producers. 
          Producers have faced trade duties of 15 per cent.
          Under the partnership deal, trade duties will be reduced or phased out in some Asian markets.

RCMP Driver Enforcement Campaign

          R-C-M-P fanned out across the region over the past two weekends conducting traffic enforcement initiatives.
          Corporal Bart Doerr says members nabbed 22 impaired drivers.
          Ten drivers received 90 day immediate roadside driving prohibitions, while seven drivers were given three day immediate roadside driving prohibitions.
          Five drivers also received a 24 hour driving prohibition on the licences. 
          R-C-M-P are pledging to continue their crackdown on impaired and distracted drivers and speeders.

Elections Canada Seeking Workers

          Elections Canada is looking for employees for the upcoming federal election.
          Dorothy Sitek with Elections Canada says a variety of jobs are available across the region to help with the advance polls and general election day. 
          For more information visit www.elections.ca