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Local News Headlines

Campbell River Woman Hopes to Meet with the PM

          A Campbell River woman is hoping the Prime Minister can help her son get his daughter back from Mexico where she was taken by her  mother in 2013. 
          Jan Wade says her son has tried unsuccessfully to get his daughter back.
          She hoping to get a meeting with the Prime Minister and the President of Mexico. 
          President of Mexico will be in Ottawa this week for a state visit and the North American Leaders' Summit.

Record Year at YQQ

          Comox Valley Airport is reporting a record year in 2015.
          C-E-O Fred Bigelow says 351-thousand passengers passed through the terminal last year -- an all-time high.
          Y-Q-Q is also reporting a net financial surplus of 1.1-million dollars in 2015.
          Bigelow says the airport hopes to continue the growth over the next five years.

NDP Promising Minimum Wage Increase

          B-C's N-D-P leader says the party would raise the province's minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour in its first term.
          John Horgan made the promise to N-D-P campaigners in Kamloops. 
          B-C Federation of Labour is applauding Horgan's promise.

Marmots Released into the Wild

          Several marmots from the captive breeding program will be released into the wild this week.
          Adam Taylor, the Executive Director of the Marmot Recovery Foundation, says the plan is to release the animals in Strathcona Park.
          Last week, the Marmot Recovery Foundation discovered that as many as 36 of the animals likely died after failing to emerge from winter hibernation.