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Local News Headlines

BC Rate And Price Increases

          We begin paying more for electricity and liquor starting on April 1st.          
          B-C Hydro rates are going up six per cent while liquor prices are going up anywhere from one to six dollars, depending on the product.
          Jordan Bateman with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says these continuous increases are hitting people hard in the pocketbook.
          It will also cost more to ride B-C Ferries.
          Fares are going up 2.9 per cent on Wednesday.
          N-D-P Transportation critic Claire Trevena says these constant increases are turning away travellers.
          Fares will be capped at 1.9 per cent next year until 2020

Health Care Protests

          Health care providers rallied across B-C to draw attention to cuts to federal health care transfer payments.
          Jen Kuhl with the B-C Health Coalition says Ottawa plans to trim 36-billion dollars in funding over the next decade.
          She says that will hurt the future delivery of health care. 
          Rallies were held in Comox and Campbell River to protest the planned cuts.

Strathcona RD Budget

          Strathcona R-D has adopted its budget for 2015.
          Chief Administrative Officer Russ Hotsenpiller says it's a 14-million dollar document that includes 2.3-million dollars for capital projects.
          Most of the funding for services will come from taxes, with the balance funded by grants, user fees and the surplus.

Affordable Housing Project

          City of Courtenay is inviting non-profit groups to submit proposals for an affordable housing project on Braidwood Road.
          Chief Administrative Officer David Allen says moving forward with the project is one of council's top priorities.
          You can get more information on the request for proposals at the city's website.