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Comox Valley Diver Finds Possible Long Lost Nuclear Bomb Off BC Coast

/ 97.3 The Eagle

A Comox Valley diver may have found a nuclear weapon from a US Air Force bomber that crashed near Haida Gwaii in 1950. Sean Smyrichinsky was looking for sea cucumbers near Pitt Island when he spotted the object. “Instead of the general rocks that I was typically seeing, I saw a really large circular object that was flat on the top with a hole cut out of it,” Smyrichinsky says. “I flew over top of it, at first I thought it was a rock formation, but then I realized it was not a natural object.” When Smyrichinsky got back to the boat, he drew what he found and the ship crews said it looked like a nuclear bomb. “I googled pictures of mark 4 nuclear bombs, and when I saw a schematic of the bomb, one of the pieces on the schematic looks very much like what I saw,” Smyrichinsky continues. “When we realized that where we were diving was only about 50 miles from where the US Air Force bomber crashed, that really got my heart racing.” The Canadian Navy has deployed a ship to explore the site, to confirm if the object is a nuclear bomb.

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