Local News Headlines

OBIT-Herb Gray

          Tributes are pouring in for former Parliamentarian Herb Gray. 
          Gray died at an Ottawa hospital at age 82. 
          Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Gray served the Liberal party and his country well.
          He was first elected to the Commons in 1962 and served in several Liberal cabinet posts, including deputy prime minister. 
          He retired in 2002.

Tax Scams

          There's a new scam making the rounds - this one targeting taxpayers.
          R-C-M-P say several people have reported getting fake emails or phone calls from people claiming to work for the Canada Revenue Agency.
          Corporal Jesse Foreman says these people are seeking personal information.
          If you get one these phone calls or emails, pass on the information to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Gasoline Prices

          A petroleum analyst is warning of higher gasoline prices as we move closer to the Summer.
          Michael Ervin says it's normal that prices begin rising this time of year.
          Gasoline prices in Campbell River have reached 142.9 at most stations.
          In the Comox Valley, gasoline is 138.9.

Transit Use

          Comox Valley R-D is encouraging the public to use transit as part of Earth Week, which runs through Saturday. 
          Mike Zbarsky, the R-D's manager of transit and sustainability, says taking transit is affordable reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
          In 2012-2013, more than 544-thousand people rode B-C Transit in the Comox Valley.