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Local News Headlines

Queen of Burnaby Back in Service

          Queen of Burnaby is back in service between Comox and Powell River after undergoing some repairs.
          Ferries Darin Guenette says he understands the frustration of customers who had to put up with long waits while a smaller vessel operated the route.
          Queen of Burnaby has been pulled from service three times over the past year.

Wildfire Training

           Campbell River Fire Department and the B-C Wildfire Service conducted a shared training exercise recently.
           Deputy Chief Thomas Doherty says it was a chance to strengthen their responses to interface fires.
           Doherty says it's important the two agencies conduct this kind of training to enhance their partnership.

Spill Response Trailer

          City of Courtenay has aquired a customized spill response trailer.
          Trevor Kushner, the Director of Public Works Services, says the trailer has all the equipment needed to respond to environmental spills.
          Kushner says the trailer will allow the city to respond to spills more efficiently

Buyers Tax

          Seems that most people support a tax on foreign buyers in the Vancouver area. 
          An Angus Reid poll found that nine-out-of-ten of people support the new property transfer tax. 
          Only six-out-of-ten believe that the tax will help improve access to the market for local buyers.