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Local News Headlines

Puntledge River Water Conservation

          B-C Hydro has moved to extreme water conservation in the Puntledge River.
          Hydro's Stephen Watson says inflows into the Comox Lake reservoir are down to a trickle.
          Inflows into the reservoir this month are only 17 per cent of normal. 
          Watson says hydro is releasing only a small amount of water from the reservoir into the river.
          Hydro hopes to maintain enough water in the reservoir for September and even October.

BC Hydro Power Use

          B-C Hydro says people used more power to keep cool during the weekend heat wave.
          On Saturday evening, the peak hourly load  increased 15 per cent. 
          B-C Hydro is expecting increased power consumption through the rest of this week.
          Hydro's Simi Heer says people can go to the B-C Hydro website for information on ways to save money and stay cool during hot weather.

CVRD Fire Ban

          Comox Valley R-D is following the lead of the Coastal Fire Centre and is banning open fires within its jurisdiction.
          R-D's Ian Smith says that means no beach fires at Goose Spit, Little River and Joe Walker parks. 
          R-D will remove fire rings from beaches and signs will be put up advising of the fire ban.
          Smith says the ban will be extended through the summer until further notice.

BC Ferries-Alcohol And Drug Consumption

          B-C Ferries is reminding customers about its zero-tolerance policy towards the consumption of drugs and alcohol on ships and at the terminals.
          Police have been called 15 times this month to deal with passengers suspected of being impaired.
          B-C Ferries says it's against the law to operate a motor vehicle on B-C Ferries' ships or at its terminals while under the influence.