Local News Headlines

MLA Pushes for Free Parking at New Hospital

          M-L-A for the North Island is lobbying to ensure that parking will remain free at the new hospital in Campbell River. 
          Claire Trevena says she's written to the health minister and the C-E-O of Island Health.
          Trevena says charging for parking adds to the cost of accessing health care, especially for those who'll have to travel long distances to get to the new hospital.

BC Ferries-Discount Fares

          B-C Ferries has rolled out its fall pricing promotion. 
          Ferries Deborah Marshall says passengers who travel on the Northern Routes through the end of October will get a 50 per cent discount.
          Discount rates are also in effect on the major and minor routes until October 15th. 

Winterizing Vehicles

          R-C-M-P are encouraging drivers to get your vehicle winter ready.
          That includes putting on winter tires.
          Corporal Scott Rennie says it's important that tires are in good condition.
          Drivers who don't have the proper winter tires, could be slapped with a fine of 121-dollars. 

Seniors Boot Camp

          R-C-M-P are holding a seniors boot camp.
          Constable Don Sinclair says it's happening Tuesday through Thursday next week and will focus on safety issues.
          You can contact Linda at Berwick to register for the boot camp.