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Local News Headlines

Updating Voter Registration List

          Elections Canada is updating its list of electors for the October federal vote. 
          Diane Benson with Elections Canada says people can go online to see if they're registered. 
          For more information or to register go to

Bears Seeking Food Sources

          Bears have begun foraging for food as they begin fattening up prior to winter hibernation.
          Conservation Officer Stuart Bates says the animals may be forced to seek out new food sources because of the dry summer.
          Bates says it's important for people to clear fruit from trees and remove any other attractants from your property.

Lower Mainland Windstorm

          B-C Hydro crews have been working non-stop to restore service to customers on the Lower Mainland.
          A big windstorm moved through the area on Saturday, toppling trees and kocking out power to thousands of customers.
          At one point, nearly half-a-million customers were in the dark

Business Awards Of Distinction

          Campbell River Chamber of Commerce has named the recipient of the 2015 Board of Governors Award for the Business Awards of Distinction.
          Kermit Dahl, the owner of Associated Tire, has been selected to receive the honour. 
          Board of Governors Award will be presented at the Business Awards of Distinction on September 19th.