Local News Headlines

Injured Woman Medevaced

          A Cormorant helicopter crew from C-F-B Comox medevaced an injured woman from Nelson Island, south of Powell River on Wednesday.
          She'd fallen on a rocky beach.
          Search and Rescue Technicians provided first aid before the woman was hoisted aboard the chopper.
          She was flown to Vancouver for further medical treatment.

Crisis Line Calls

          Vancouver Island Crisis Society is reporting more calls and hits to its website following the death of actor-comedian Robin Williams.  
          Executive Director Elizabeth Newcombe says there's been a spike in calls from people wanting to talk about depression.
          Newcombe says high-profile tragedies create opportunities for people to discuss their feelings.

Accused Murder's Trial

          There are more delays in the case of a man accused of killing two workers and injuring two others at a mill in Nanaimo in April.
          Kevin Addison's case has been delayed four times, as the Crown reviews more evidence gathered by the R-C-M-P.
          Crown Council's Neil McKenzie says the accused has to be advised of evidence that could be used in trial before the case can proceed.
          McKenzie says he's not worried about delays potentially hamper the case.
          Addison's next court appearance is scheduled for September 2nd.

Recreational Vehicle Thefts

          Comox Valley R-C-M-P is seeing a spike in the theft of recreational vehicles.
          Constable Don Sinclair says several more items have been stolen over the past few weeks.
          R-C-M-P advise people to lock up their personal belongings and keep them out of sight.