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Local News Headlines

Weather Heat Wave

          Weather forecasters say this heat wave that's gripped the region is expected to continue through the rest of this week.
          Matt McDonald with Environment Canada says temperatures in some areas have been 15 degrees above normal.
          McDonald says we haven't seen similar dry conditions since early in the last century. 

Weekend Temperatures Soar

          Temperatures soared across the region this past weekend.
          Mercury in the Comox Valley and Campbell River surpassed the 30 degree mark, breaking previous records.
          Temperatures are expected to soar to 30-plus degrees again this coming week. 

Campbell River Open Burning Ban

          Campbell River Fire Department has banned open burning across the city.
          Chief Ian Baikie says that includes beach fires.
          Baikie says the fire danger rating across the "River City" is "extreme".
          Comox Valley R-D has also banned fires within its parks.

Marmots Released

          Marmot Recovery Foundation has released five Vancouver Island marmots into the wild.
          Coordinator and Researcher Cheyney Jackson says the marmots were born and raised at the Calgary Zoo.
          Jackson says the marmot recovery program has been successful in helping to grow the endangered species.
          Since 2003, more than 445 marmots have been released into the wild.