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Royal Vista Residents Concerned About Speeding

/ 97.3 The Eagle

People living on Royal Vista Way in the Crown Isle neighborhood of Courtenay are concerned about speeders on their street. Resident Cliff Craig says the speed limit in the area is 50 km per hour, but divers consistently go over. “There has been 3 accidents right by our houses,” Craig states. “Young people came around down the straight stretch too fast and hit one of the lamp posts, then there was another one where a lady just drove into the back of a parked car.” Craigs neighbor Brian McKay says this has been a problem for a long time, “There have been 5 accidents over an 8 month period.” The two residents have asked city council to fix the problem. The two have suggested lowering the speed limit or increasing police presence in the area. McKay says “I guess it will be up to council for any solutions that they come up with, it could be something relatively inexpensive ones or more expensive ones. Our wish is just to control the speed.”

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