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More Canadians Rely on Local Food Banks

/ 97.3 The Eagle

Food Banks Canada is reporting that more Canadians relied on food banks last year than the year before. They saw a 1.3% increase. Manager of the Campbell River Food Bank Debbie Willis says the agency helped 2,200 people last year, a similar number to the previous year. “Our numbers have stayed consistent for the last year,” Willis says. She states there are a variety of people who use the food bank. “It’s a combination as we like to say. It’s the working poor, it could be a single mom with 3 kids, a grandparent looking after children, children looking after parents and grandparents, people on disability, a senior, well any number of combination.” Willis says children represent more than one third of all food bank users. Food bank use in BC climbed 3% year-over-year.

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