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The Softwood Lumber Dispute Continues

/ 97.3 The Eagle

US Lumber Coalition is calling for tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber. It’s filed a petition with the American Commerce Department. Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson (acting on behalf of BC’s forest minister) says the province is standing behind the industry. “Our government will be working very closely the federal government to stand by our industry and make sure that the appropriate process is followed,” states Wilkinson. “Given that we have been through this process before, it is lengthy and very time consuming, and at the same time it requires the Government of BC and the Government of Canada to stand by the industry because we believe it is highly competitive.” The head of the BC Lumber Trade Council Susan Yurkovich is confident that Canada will win the battle. “Over the next few days we will read through the very lengthy petition and determine exactly what the argument are being leveled this time are,” states Yurkovich. “For our industry, we will continue to work very closely with the Government of BC and the Government of Canada both on this litigation in terms of defending our industry as we have done so successfully in the past, and we will also continue to support discussions with the US through Global Affairs Canada.” It’s expected the petition will claim that Canadian producers are subsidized and have been dumping products into the US.

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