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Influenza Vaccine Numbers Continue to Rise on the North Island

/ 97.3 The Eagle

Health officials say the North Island area hasn’t been hit too badly by the flu bug. Dr. Charmaine Enns says the number of people who’ve received a flu shot is up this year. “We are out of vaccine in some of our areas,” states Enns. “If you ask your family doctor, local pharmacist, and check online with VIHA to see if there is a public clinic where the vaccine is still provided.” Enns believes the high number of vaccines reflects the number of flu outbreaks in the area. “We have had very few if any influenza cases on the north Island. Influenza is on the island though, and we have had a facility with an outbreak, but it wasn’t on the north island.” She says the flu is starting to circulate in low levels. Enns encourages people to get the vaccine before the province runs out.

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