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Federal Pot Law Legisation

/ 97.3 The Eagle
             The federal government is expected to introduce legislation today that would legalize marijuana, and some in B-C are giddy with anticipation. Medical marijuana grower Dan Sutton says he’s worried B-C is lagging behind Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta in cultivating a legal marijuana industry and that the time has come for the province to leverage its global reputation as the producer of so-called B-C Bud. Some provincial politicians have already started mulling how to handle legalization, including N-D-P Leader John Horgan who says he’s been meeting with potential marijuana distributors including liquor outlets, craft brewers and pharmacies. B-C Liberal leader Christy Clark says she wants assurances that organized crime is shut out of the pot business and that it stays out of children’s hands, while Green party Leader Andrew Weaver says he’ll support B-C’s craft marijuana growers.

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