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BC Legislature-Non-Confidence Motion

/ 97.3 The Eagle
               B-C’s minority Liberal government is staring at defeat today in the legislature, more than seven weeks after squeaking out a minority government in a provincial election. The N-D-P and Greens have an agreement to defeat the Liberals in a bid to put the New Democrats in power. If they succeed in the vote, Lieutenant Govenor Judith Guichon will have to decide whether to dissolve the legislature and call an election, or allow the N-D-P to form a minority government with the backing of the Green party. But a debate over who will serve as Speaker has raised questions about how long an N-D-P government might survive, as the Liberals have not committed one of their members to serve in the position, which would leave the house in a deadlock with votes ending in a 43-43 tie.

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