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UBCM Convention

/ 97.3 The Eagle
              A years-long crusade to get big money out of B-C’s municipal elections may finally make a breakthrough under a new provincial government eager to overhaul campaign finance rules. Municipal leaders are meeting this week in Vancouver for the Union of B-C Municipalities’ annual convention and on the agenda is a proposal to support a renewed push for local government finance reform. Political scientist David Moscrop from Simon Fraser University says the B-C government would be hard pressed to deny mayors their long-standing request after making changes at the provincial level. The N-D-P government introduced legislation earlier this month that would ban union and corporate donations at the provincial level and limit individual donations to 12-hundred dollars annually. Moscrop says now there’s no logical reason or moral justification for not applying the rules to the municipal level. B-C’s minister for municipal affairs, Selina Robinson, says work is underway looking at similar restrictions at the local level, but she’s unsure whether changes could be made in time for the next round of municipal elections, in October 2018.

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